Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tsunami Teabowl Show

Tsunami Teabowl Show - Call for Entries

Tsunami Benefit Teabowl Show
May 14, 2011
The Lab School of Washington
4759 Reservoir Road
Washington D.C.

Help survivors of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and radiation by donating a teabowl to:

c/o Stonehouse Studio
Eric Hansen
108 N. Donelson ST.
Alexandria, VA

There is no entry fee. When submit works by mail or parcel, please pay adequate postage. All proceeds 100% go to charitable non-profits. You will receive a receipt upon sale for tax purposes. The artist and/or potter must set the price. Please recommend the normal price you expect to sell the work for. Please accompany with artwork and artist information for labeling:

Artist/potter name.
City or location of potter.
Name of pieces (or pieces) – state if to be sold as a set in the case of sets.
Title of work or description thereof. “Chawan”, “Yunomi”, “Tenmokku” etc.
Medium. Words like “raku” “porcelain” “stoneware” or “woodfired” go here.
Suggested price.

All works will be sold. Those which might remain in inventory will be sold eventually from the inventory. Expect to see future Tsunami Benefit Teabowl Shows. May 12 is deadline for mail or parcel delivery.

In order to receive tax receipt and contact for future events please supply as much contact information as possible:

Full mailing address
Social networking links

Works submitted will be used as publicity items to be photographed, recorded, etc., please understand that works and artist/potters names will be used to market the sale.

Further questions? Eric Hansen 703-370-3606.