Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mixing Clay Without Machinery

100% Kentucky Stone with added 5-7% feldspar & 5% fine grog. See the earlier posts on the exact method.

AG-19 "Issenburg's" Glaze is 50% wood ash, 50% Red Art; Wood Ash Hot Tips

AG-19 "Issenburg's" Glaze is 50% wood ash, 50% Red Art; Phil Rogers made an excellent suggestion to at least once-wash the ash because it can be screened nicely as a watery solution. The ash settles in a day or 2, and you have a nice by-product of lye water. Separate the two and let the ash dry to a fine powder and its ready for use and/or storage. The bucket of glaze made with washed ash will not gradually thicken as it otherwise would, which can lead to application problems if the wet glaze is stored over time.

In the real world we make pots to use them