Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tsunami Tea Show

We did well, $1123 for Mashiko Potters Fund! Thanks potters, thanks Lab School!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Friends of Tsunami Relief Tea Bowl Show:

The event at Lab School of Washington, D.C., raised a total amount of $1,123.00 which includes applicable tax factored into each donation. 90 items as individual pieces or sets were featured.

I want to thank all the potters who donated work, as the combined effect of the entire show was responsible for motivating donations for the Mashiko Potters’ Fund. I also want to extend a special thank to those who volunteered their time: Christa Hansen, Jon Singer, Loren Scherbak, Brenda Llewellyn, Missy Cochrane, and Elke Seefeldt.

And I wish to gratefully acknowledge that the event was only made possible through the gracious hosting of the venue at Lab School of Washington, D.C. thanking all those, seen and unseen, whose efforts made a contribution. Those who I am aware of are: Katherine Schantz, Head of Lab School, Peter N. Braun, Sr., Director of Operations, Peter N Braun, Jr., Greg Schlossberg, Special Events Coordinator, as well as Emilio, and Albino.

Complete list of potters who made donations: Ken Matsuzaki, Hank Murrow, Rick Mahaffrey, John Neely, Steven Branfman, Craig Miron, Patricia Cassone, Louis Katz, May Luk, Paul Herman, Loren Scherbak, Jon Singer, Charles D. Hansen, Eric A. Hansen, Denise Joyal, Mandy Stigant, Elke Seefeldt, Veena Raghavan, Mary Del Bianco, Heidi Schramm, Carolyn Dutky Romano, Marc Harper, Karen Abromaitis, Kanika Sircar, Schreiber, Luke Nealey, Mike Gordon, David McBeth, Toshiyo Uno, Kikuko Kinashi, Barbara Silver, Brenda Llewellyn, Carol Hurwich, Cindy Dietz, Marsha Slater, Missy Cochrane, Elizabeth Adamowitz, and Yang-ja Lee.

And a very special thanks to Ken Matsuzaki for organizing the Mashiko Potters Fund, and for sharing the perfect example of a shino-yaki matcha chawan!

Sincerely Yours,

Eric Hansen