Friday, March 23, 2007

NCECA Pre Conference at the Bluffs, Corydon, Indiana

The NCECA Pre Conference event was held at Corydon, Indiana March 9-12 2007, on property owned by Rand Heazlitt called Indian Bluffs or simply 'The Bluffs'. He co-hosted the event with Stephen Driver ( and invited Chuck Hindes and Ron Meyer to lead the workshop. Among established potters participating were Karl Beamer, Rimas VisGirda, Natalie Warrens, Daniel Evans, Robert Moore, and Charles Hansen, to name just a few. Three wood-fired kilns were loaded and fired simultaneously: the mini anagama, the larger combination 2 chamber anagama/noborigama kiln, and a smaller catenary one-chamber salt kiln. Unloading took place in stages during the Louisville NCECA conference. The smaller anagama was finished with a reduction cooling. The glaze chamber of the larger kiln also reduced well. The salt kiln used 75# of salt.