Friday, February 22, 2008

Okazaki Teabowl

Above, top, is an example of what Takao Okazaki refers to as his setoguro or black Oribe, done in the hiki dashi style right out of the front firemouth of the kiln. You can view kiln pics at his web site by googling his name or Kristin Muller's site. I met him at NCECA and took this portrait at the gallery opening at Thrown Together Clay in Louisville. The show was 2 person with his large sculptural work and Mullers pots.

Christa emailed me this week from Japan and said the view of Fuji covered in snow was astounding. She has taken numerous business trips to Tokyo over the years but Fuji is normally obscured by cloud cover. While she was away I spent this time developing the premise "Wandering Poets, Crazed Dripsters, and Free Glazers". John Britt thought this sounded pretty good. A few more examples of dripping, pouring, crawling, and crazed glazes will follow in future posts.

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