Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Read

"More and more I find myself identifying with Stonehouse, a Fourteenth Century Chinese Hermit, not because I live alone (which I don't), but because I proclaim a certain restraint in life end eschew the excessive materialism of our time. He always kept his gate open but only late in life did a few monks move up the mountain with him, building a temple which remained until the Cultural Revolution. The stone house is still there on Hsiamushan. We all prefer to lead unexamined lives and practice unexamined art, I suppose. The Kansas photographer Pok Chi Lau taught me so much about visual observation as a means of exposing ambiguities and questions, discovering meanings as well as enigmas. The studio here in Alexandrria has come to be called Stone House to honor the old monk. The publisher is of the book Mercury House. Here is the cover of the copy I have."

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